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Helping the needy
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide economic material, physical and emotional aid to the greatest number of people who, for unforeseen circumstances, are especially vulnerable. This condition might appear as a consequence of their age, ethnicity or culture, geographic location and/or their health conditions. We aim to provide this support within the UK or in any other location abroad.
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Our core values


We aim to manage our resources in a transparent and efficient manner that includes, not only the tangible resources but the intangibles such as the time and hard work of our volunteers.


Our projects are performed respecting other people’s opinions and attitudes, despite the fact their believe systems are not aligned with our thoughts and values. This approach allow us to be efficient in helping others with different backgrounds and religions.


ADAN ONG work in partnership with other institutions, within the UK and Europe, to deliver a cooperation of Volunteer work in Germany, England, Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Israel.

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